Free Legal Education For All

Have you ever wondered why law is sold in law school and not available for free to everyone? Law should be taught to everyone. as children. Learning the law should not require anyone to go to law school paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you can’t afford an attorney, it’s not your fault. Law is sold as a commodity. You should be educated for free about law. Tell your government to educate its people about the law for free.


Going to law school does not make you attorney in the United States of America. You are forced to take…

Imagine going to law school and earning a JD, but the only work you can find in the legal field is Doc Review. But there is barrier that stand between you and a document review project. If you are a unlicensed JDs there are few to no Document Review projects available for you. This reddit post is from an unlicensed JD looking for a Document review project. Someone responded that Consilio just posted a project, but its for Attorneys.

Reddit Unlicensed JD Unable to Find Document Review Work

Ediscovery Document Reviewer read and analyze document on Ediscovery software like Relativity…

I don’t love somebody because they are blood related. Some people have that mindset, but I don’t. I do not love my older siblings or their children. Blood related means nothing. You have to know someone and there has to be some kind of relationship for love to develop. Although they have said I love you and I have said it, it is not genuine. And it’s time to stop throwing that word around.

Family will do you wrong and expect you to still fuck with them because they love you due to blood relation. These games do not work…

Make a Sacrifice

If you are over 30 years old and still getting life together, it’s a good chance that life will not “get together” for you. The best thing…

A man gets out of prison. He is given a bus ticket and goes to state X. The man walks the street and ends up on Facebook because he appears lost. The picture of him and post on Facebook was intended to find his family. Chances are the man does not have any family that cares about him. If he did someone would have picked him up from prison and/or the bus state in State X.


People need to stop assuming people have family that care about them. Most people do not. They will rather…

What would be the plus side of working at Facebook? I’m sure they try to create a culture of being a “team player”. Anything positive someome says about working at Facebook or any other corporation is a lie! Nobody wants to work. Nobody wants to be dragged into the world and work for 30 years around people they do not know or like. People are forced to work — or either people carry on like other people because they believe they have no other options. Social media is not supposed to be incorporated. Why is everything for profit?? Damn can’t…

In 2021, there are still no black owned social media apps.

Men label women who don’t date broke men as gold diggers. They can go right ahead and label women gold diggers. That’s not gone stop no woman from not dating broke men.

Women like to act like they don’t care about money to not be labeled as a gold digger. Women like to pretend that love matters and money is irrelevant to a relationship with a man.

Black Broke Men

One issue black broke men have is that they believe the “white man” is keeping him down. This is a black man’s favorite alibi to poverty. Broke black men will criticize black women…

I thought I was the only one to notice how gloomy Detroit is.

See post:

I used to drive home to Detroit from Michigan State and suddenly feel depressed…

Brandi NoBarExam West

Life is an imposition.. Abolish the bar exam and lawyer monopoly. End suffering through antinatalism

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